Mansour Family 


Established their activities in Egypt by establish a company named Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour

Since 1936. After that Mansour Group had resumed their activities in trading by establishing

Other companies one after one:


-Mansour Farms

(Mansour Farms For producing & exporting company in the field of Fruits)


-Mansour for Industrial & Trading 

(CANDY for Sweets, Biscuits & Chocolate).Since 1966.


-Al-Khalil Co. For Trading and Distribution 

(General import and export commercial agencies and general supplies)


The Secret of the Enthusiasm with our products are received in foreign countries in the utmost

care with which we select the best raw materials. The Motto of (back to nature) is not adopted

by Major International Companies but also by us. Therefore, the Quality of our Products is far

more important to us than profit  


                Our Mission


Since 1966, our goal is always satisfying customer needs and helping children around the 

world by providing our superior quality of our products for better and healthy life. In addition, 

we are proud to say that this pursuit has been part of our DNA since DAY 1.


     Our Vision


Is a vision with clear goals is to be the world's best company helping people around the world 

eat and live better. Being the best company means: achieve sustainable growth and building

costumer mutual loyalty with providing outstanding quality and value, so that we make every

consumer in everywhere gain his desires and needs, simply inspired. Gain his desires and