Al-Khalil Company

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Al-Khalil is a leading company in the field of export and import our products have been highly appreciated by our customers from all over and maintaining to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by delivers the product that meets our customers` exact specifications on time, in the best possible condition


AL Mansour is now in a strong position especially in Multiple Trade such as Counter Trade, Buy Back Business, Tender Business, Triangular Business & operation through

Agricultural Commodities & Foodstuffs
coffee , cocoa ,honey soy, milk powder , condensed milk , butter , cocoa butter, vegetable oil , ghee , coconut ,hazelnut paste, Lethicin powder

Food Stuffs

Confectionery ( wafers , biscuits , crackers , candies , chewing)


Macaroni & Pasta

Starch ,


Jams & Marmalade ( in jars or tins )

Agricultural commodities

Apples , Bananas , Dates , Pears , orange 

Onions , Fresh

Garlic , Fresh

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